Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This was created during a staff meeting.   It is one of my favorites.

I think I started the nose, then Marlan drew the eyes, then Rick wrote "Godda Dishue?" then Rick drew me inside a nostril- so I drew oil rigs on it and the mustache to suggest it was his nose- then he drew my wife next to me- then I drew my Geo Tracker stuck in behind us- then he drew Shick next to me- then someone else drew Waldo in the other nostril- then Rick drew Popeye's arm- then Marlan wrote "Oo goa da ooda's?" which means "You going to Hooters?" as one would imagine it spoken by Lou Ferrigno at the San Diego Comic-Con, then we all got yelled at for not paying attention during a staff meeting. 

Or something like that.

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Rick Cortes said...

HAHAHAHA! Totally remember that meeting. Good times.